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Yacht Charter in Croatia
Yacht Charter Croatia

Slowly but surely becoming the new go-to place for sailors in the Mediterranean, you cannot be a enthusiast yacht charter sailor without taking a sailing trip to Croatia, the country of the shores of the Adriatic, one of the last remaining bastions of the “old Mediterranean”.

Croatian authorities are trying to entice yacht owners across the European union to temporarily register their yachts in Croatia in order to pay a smaller VAT tax on their purchase. This might prove a winning strategy for the yacht charter industry in Croatia which has been making remarkable progress in the last couple of years.

Yacht Charter Rovinj

One of the nine cities in the Istria County, Rovinj is located on a peninsula in the northern part of the Adriatic which is famous for its picturesque small bays and islets which form a sort of obstacle course that yacht charter Croatia sailors can explore at their heart’s delight.

Yacht charter Rogoznica

Deep in the Croatian waters, in the middle of the Dalmatian coast, there’s a small village that has been popular with the yacht charter crowds for some time now, thanks to the award-winning marina that is present at this location, but also thanks to the lovely Croatia region.

Yacht Charter Punat

If you’re into water sports than you should definitely book a sailing holiday in Punat, on the Adriatic coast in yacht charter Croatia in the summer. Apart from the wide range of activities on the water, there are also things to see and do on the mainland, like visiting numerous sights and taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Yacht Charter Pula

If you look at the Croatia tourism circuit, it’s impossible to miss out on Pula, one of the “crown jewels” of the yacht charter Croatia circuit. An ancient town with historical ruins galore, with cultural possibilities and with a satisfying pace of life, Pula is a must-go-to center in this part of the Adriatic, especially for sailing enthusiasts.