Elan Impression 434

April 20, 2011

The Elan Impression 434 is the first yacht in Elan’s cruising range and, as the manufacturer puts it “is designed to be the best in her class”. That means that only the best materials and the most innovative techniques are employed to make this boat that is a favorite for yacht charter.

Elan Impression 434

Yacht Details

Type Sailingyacht
Shipyard Elan
Hull Type Monohull
Cabins 4
Length Over All 13.40
Width 4.20 m
Draft 1.90 m
Displacement 1.00 t
Number of Engines 1
Engine Power 0.00 HP
Machine 56 HP
Fuel Diesel

The yacht has a semi-deck layout which affords a lot of space that is accentuated by the flowing lines of the interior, the wooden finish in light colors and the windows. At the back, the spacious interior opens up to a swimming area for when the weather is fair.

All this comfort is accentuated by a couple of technical details used by the manufacturer Elan which aims to give the Impression 434 not only a smooth sail but also to make it last as sturdy as possible, and thus ensure that it has a long life on the water.

Factors such as the overall hull strength, the keel joint, the chainplates and the hull-deck joint are all taken into consideration and treated with the most seriousness as well as the innovative technologies and expensive materials that undergo strict quality control.

The end result is a cruiser that offers plenty of comforts to those who seek don’t just wish to rack up the nautical miles but wish to do so in style. Designed by Rob Humpreys and with building schedule supervised by Germanisher Lloyd, the Elan Impression 434 aims to offer a lot of attributes for her price, as well as become a serious contender in her market.

The fact that the boat is not only sturdy but also comfortable and suited for long marine cruises has not evaded the yacht charter industry, and as a result, you find this yacht in several marinas across yacht charter Croatia, such as Kastela and Losinj.

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