Yacht Charter Biograd – The City by the Sea

April 12, 2011

Why is it worth it

Yacht Charter BiogradA former medieval capital, Biograd certainly has enough pedigree to cater to even the most pretentious yacht charter Croatia tourists. Its marine legacy is implied even in its name that literally translates to “white city by the sea”, a reference to the placement of the town, on a small peninsula, with several islands in front of it.

Since the city is a former royal residence, there are a lot of landmarks, even more parks and plenty of marinas for any enthusiast. These are all attractions for the hordes of tourists coming in from all over Europe, but in particular countries such as Germany, Great Britain and Sweden. They come in by plane, by car, by train or by ferry from the neighboring countries in the Mediterranean.

What to see

Without a doubt, the thing the locals are most proud of is the 11th century St. John’s basilica which has stood the test of time. A thing definitely worth checking out for yacht charter sailors is the history museum which is located on the waterfront and has lots of ancient boats on display. A very interesting sight that not many see to see when visiting yacht charter Biograd is the tropicarium that houses exotic species of reptiles and fish.

Of course, there are always the surrounding regions of the Kornati archipelago and the Krka national parks, both equally attractive to nature lovers and easily accessible to yacht charter sailors.

Where to hang out

The local Dalmatian cuisine is hailed by many food experts and gourmands as equally or even better than the Mediterranean cuisine, because it blends the flavors and textures of the sea with those of the continent, to form some unique recipes to yacht charter Croatia. The majority of the worthwhile restaurants can be found along the waterfront. For those with a more traditional appetite, there are plenty pizzerias around town.

And after the sun has set, one must not seek further than the same promenade for a good time, because next to the restaurants, the seafront is lined with clubs and bars. There is plenty of diversity in these yacht charter Biograd venues, from the quiet wine bars to the loud discos with huge crowds and flashing lights.


The sailing community is famous in yacht charter Biograd, the local marinas holding numerous regattas throughout the year, most of which coincide with the tourist season. Then there are also boat shows which attract heavy names from all over the world, all of whom come to showcase or admire (whichever the case may be) the beautiful yachts.

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