Yacht Charter Dubrovnik – The Pearl of the Sailing Adriatic

April 7, 2011

Yacht Charter DubrovnikFor people who have already been to this place, the name of “Pearl of the Adriatic” is well deserved, since this touristic town in Croatia is one of the best places to admire the beauty of the landscape and of the open waters of this part of the Mediterranean. And what better way to enjoy all these beauties than with a Croatia yacht charter holiday?

Why is it worth it

A port with a long sailing tradition, yacht charter Dubrovnik has evolved to a trading and fishing town to a cultural and touristic attraction, one that locals call the best yacht charter Croatia resort. Accessible by air, road or water, the town manages to attract impressive numbers of holidaymakers every year.

What to see

When you take a walk along the narrow streets of yacht charter Dubrovnik, lined with Renaissance architecture, with old churches, museums you’ll get a feeling of the real Croatian experience on land, as well as fill your time when not on the water. If you want to spend your money, you can do so at any of the local wine shops, artisans shops who specialize in weaving or at the local market where fresh produce are displayed. This indeed is the essence of a yacht charter Croatia holiday.

Where to hang out

As far as eating goes, the local cuisine is mainly based on fish and on local fresh products, but it abides the general rules and ingredients of the “Mediterranean diet” which has been hailed as one of the most healthy in the world, so yacht charter sailors don’t need to worry about putting on extra pound while on their sailing holiday. Careful though, because food prices in yacht  charter Dubrovnik are more expensive than in other places in yacht charter Croatia.

The town comes to life just after sunset, as the promenades of the old city are inundated with people of all sorts, looking for the best clubs which are hidden on narrow side streets and have loud music and a party atmosphere to keep you up until de early hours of the morning.

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